Download 99 Cent Stories by Andrea Zimmermann

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Download a PDF of the following stories by Andrea Zimmermann for 99 cents each through PayPal. Just click on link below, buy it and read it!

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“Think, Word Man!”
(Murder Mystery Short Story of about 5,000 words)
A street-smart Chicago man talks his way into a job as a journalist for a small town newspaper in Connecticut and finds himself covering carefully staged serial killings.

Milo’s Meddling
(Short-Short Suspense Story with Photo Illustration)
This story, told from the point of view of the woman who took the photograph, is a concise and complete suspense narrative.

“A Tale of Six Sisters”
(The Lives of Six Women in Five Lyrical Paragraphs with Photo Illustration)
You’ll want to read this aloud! A whirlwind short that relates the lives of six sisters.
“Mother, She Did”
(A Poem of Lament with Photo Illustration)